Share and Speak

Working with IT Executives throughout the Country, we understand the importance of providing knowledgeable and passionate presenters that can enhance a discussion or topic. We constantly strive to provide the best and most knowledgeable speakers available.

If you would like to be considered for, or recommend a potential keynote speaker or expert panelist for the event, please submit a Speaker Recommendation Form.

Speaker Criteria:

  • Have a want and willingness to discuss, share and exchange knowledge, ideas and expertise with others in the local IT community.
  • CIOs & Senior level IT Executives with experience and expertise on one of the event topics.
  • Industry Experts who are knowledgeable about current trends, industry updates and technologies that would benefit others in the IT Community (No Sales Pitches).

Types of Discussions:

  • Keynotes & General Sessions: a one hour discussion in front of the entire event audience. These can be done as standalone speaker or in a panel format.
  • Breakout/track sessions: a one hour discussion in front of about half to a third of the audience. Typically we run two breakout sessions at the same time covering different topics.

Interested in speaking at one of our events?

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